Extra, Extra Learn More About It!

Jul 22, 2013 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | ACT, SAT Prep, Study Tips, Test Prep

Extra, extra learn more about it!  Whenever you are practicing for the SAT or ACT and have chosen the incorrect answer, don’t  just move on!  Take a moment to learn the solution.  A moment or two spent reviewing and learning the correct solutions for each incorrectly answered problem on the practice test will only help improve your score!  Are you reviewing with a book that provides explanations for the practice problems?  If not, finding one is a step in the right direction!

Here are some great tips on helping you find some of your correct answers:

1. Use the web: There are many resources on the web that can help you find your answers. For math and science, you may want to use Khan Academy.  They have over 4000 on-line videos on math and science topics.

2. Ask a teacher: Even if you are studying independently for the SAT or ACT exams, you can reach out to your teacher and ask for some clarification.

3. Work with a tutor: Preparing for the SAT and ACT exams is huge undertaking. It is very helpful to hire a tutor that can help you solve many of the questions that are not getting accurate. Be sure your tutor is either and ACT or SAT test prep specialist. 

What tips have you used to help prepare for the SAT or ACT exam? 









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