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Personalized tutoring for students with learning differences

We understand how to work with students who learn differently. Our tutors use research based programs that target the child’s academic needs.

Build Skills & Improve Confidence

Our tutoring programs is tailored to meet your child’s IEP or 504 goals. It is designed to meet your child at their level, build confidence and honor their strengths.

Boosting Grades & Achieving Success

Our customized tutoring programs for students with learning differences create learning successes one student at a time.

All children have varying learning styles and unique needs. Team Tutor has an extensive team of certified special education tutors. These tutors work collaboratively with the student’s IEP to focus directly on the student’s needs. They follow the school’s plan of action so they can offer effective supplemental material. It is truly a TEAM effort!

Students with special needs often feel threatened in large group settings. Our one-on-one approach will give them the confidence they need to succeed in their classroom environment. Team Tutor’s customized tutoring program will help your child achieve better grades and greater self-esteem.

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