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What’s Included in the Academic Consultation?

Our process is simple, personalized and effective. As educators, we know the importance of understanding the “whole child”; therefore, our consultation process is in-depth, so it can guide us during our tutor selection process.

  • Complete the form on this page to share more information about the student and one of our team members will contact you to schedule the consultation.
  • One of our educational specialists will gather detailed information from you regarding your child’s academic strengths, needs, learning styles and personality.
  • Then comes the tutor selection process. We review any documentation that the student may have, such as IEPs, educational evaluations, and testing results to name a few.
  • Based upon this analysis, we select a tutor that is the best fit for the student. Our tutor’s expertise and your child’s needs are the focus for our selection.
  • Once a tutor is selected, we come up with a tutoring schedule to fit the needs of the client, which includes choosing a convenient time and location for tutoring sessions, whether at the client’s home or a local library.

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