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Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is at the core of our HSPT prep programs. HSPT tutoring is designed to meet your child’s goals, needs and learning style.

Content and Strategy Focused

HSPT prep tutoring program focuses on the of strengthening academic skills, mastering content and test-taking strategy.

Test Prep Success

Our evidence based curriculum, expert tutors and personalized approach results in our students gaining confidence and knowledge that they need to reach their score goals.

How it Works

Team Tutor’s HSPT Prep Program is unique in that there are no long-term commitments required – we make a recommendation based on the student’s academic needs. Our private tutoring sessions are very competitively priced and are customized to meet the individual needs of each student in order to maximize the time we spend together. We also provide program materials as well as practice tests, and best of all – our tutors come to you.

Team Tutor understands that everyone brings with them a unique set of strengths and weaknesses – which is precisely why we have designed a personalized one-on-one HSPT tutoring program that addresses the individual needs of each student. Our proven curriculum is designed to address the three main score-enhancing modalities: content review, essential test-taking strategies, and simulated test practice.

 Program Overview

  • The student completes a comprehensive diagnostic test.
  • Team Tutor determines the student’s strengths and weaknesses using data from the test results.
  • Based on these results, we design a custom test prep program that focuses on those areas in need of the most improvement.
  • Parents have access to our online portal, which provides session goals and tutor feedback.

Team Tutor HSPT Tutors at Work

Our HSPT tutors are rigorously screened, highly trained educators who take enormous pride in watching their students succeed. During the tutor selection and matching process, not only do we take into account the student’s academic record, we also consider his or her personality, learning traits, interests and hobbies. We know how important it is both academically and emotionally for your child to feel an immediate connection to his or her HSPT tutor.

Nothing is more effective than one-on-one instruction! Our HSPT Prep Program instills confidence and gets results! Call today to speak with one of our HSPT Prep experts.

About HSPT Test

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is a common standardized test for entry in to private or catholic high schools. The HSPT is administered to eighth graders seeking admission into private high school, and may also be used for class placement purposes. The HSPT testing date and time are administered independently by each school and cooperation with the Scholastic Testing Service therefore the testing dates may vary with each school. Contact your school’s guidance counselor or the high school’s admissions office directly to find out testing date information.

HSPT Format

The HSPT is a multiple choice exam and it is designed to assess what you have learned as well as how you learn. The HSPT often includes an optional section, whether you will need to take these optional sections is determined by your desired school; at a minimum, you must take the five required sections of the HSPT. The five different testing sections include: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Skills, Mathematics Skills and Language Expression Skills.

Verbal Skills Section: (16 minutes; 60 multiple choice questions) The Verbal Skills section of the HSPT focuses on 5 specific types of questions: (1) synonyms, (2) antonyms, (3) analogies, (4) logic, and (5) verbal classifications.

The Quantitative Section: (30 minutes; 52 multiple-choice questions) The Quantitative section of the HSPT focuses on number series, geometric comparison, non geometric comparison and number manipulation

    The Reading Skills Section (25 minutes; 62 multiple-choice questions) The Reading Skills section of the HSPT focuses on the ability to understand central meanings and details of reading passages.

    The Mathematical Skills Section: (45 minutes; 64 multiple-choice questions) The Mathematical skills sections of the HSPT focuses on mathematical concepts and problem solving, arithmetic, elementary algebra, and basic geometry.

    The Language Skills Section: (25 minutes; 60 multiple-choice questions) The Language Skills Section of the HSPT focuses on capitalization and punctuation, spelling, usage and composition.


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    Percentage of students referred to us by their schools, friends, educational consultants and others


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    Success Stories

    "Grace is making great progress with my student and Team Tutor is great! We will definitely be reaching out to Team Tutor for any academic support needs in the future."


    "Anytime we need tutoring in the future, we will reach out to Team Tutor. This is best tutoring experience our student has had!"

    Parents from Phildelphia, PA

    "Our tutor is AMAZING! She fits so well with our family! She understands our needs, she has built a beautiful relationship with my daughter & having her has been for the better. She gives us the flexibility we need & is so patient with us! My student has been doing better on exams & she’s been able to understand more things she previously couldn't. Thank you, Team Tutor!"

    Parents from Philadelphia, PA

    "Ms. Eckhardt has been a pleasure to work with since she has started to work with my student. We are seeing a different side of her because of the tutoring and Ms. Eckhardt."

    Parents from Philadelphia, PA

    "Bethany has been a complete pleasure to say the least. She is so patient & flexible. My daughter was truly struggling with her academics and Bethany has completely changed that! She is so much more confident and excited to learn! Bethany has truly set an exceptional name for this program and my family and I are so grateful for her!"

    Parents from Philadelphia, PA


    We offer one-on-one personalized tutoring for students in grades K-12 in all academic subject areas. Our in-person tutoring model is offered throughout the entire Delaware Valley.

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    We partner with schools providing a variety of tutoring services for students at the school or location of choice. All programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the student.

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    Personalized, flexible and engaging tutoring sessions that are designed to meet your child’s academic needs from the comfort and safety of your home.


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