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Transforming academic struggles into success

Our  Approach

Good study skills create confident learners and higher test scores. Many students in middle and high school begin to see a decline in their grades due to poor study skills. Study skills must be taught, practiced and repeated over a period of time. Our personalized study skills program helps students improve their overall organizational and time management skills. Our study and executive function skills program helps students:

  • Organize and prioritize daily homework assignments.
  • Plan and complete short and long-term projects.
  • Learn important test taking strategies.
  • Learn the elements of valuable note taking strategies.
  • Develop effective active reading strategies.
  • Learn how to research effectively.
Study Skills & Executive Function Skills:

Personalized study skills programs that will create successful learners.

Building Skills & Improving Confidence:

Executive function skills need to be taught and practiced over time. Our tutors focus on areas of planning & prioritizing, focus, time management, goal setting and project planning & effective study strategies.

Boosting Grades & Achieving Success

Personalized study skills programs designed to improve overall grades and lead to a lifelong path of success.

Success Stories

"Tutoring for our students is going very well. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutors and ongoing collaboration!"

A Pennsylvania School

"My student normally struggles to connect with teachers, but she is very happy working with Lauren."

A Parent from Philadelphia, PA

"We are very happy with the tutoring Dave is providing! Our student and Dave seem to work very well together."

A Parent from Philadelphia, PA

"Everything is going well. My student really enjoys working with her tutor and always looks forward to Mondays. Thank you guys for everything."

A Parent from Philadelphia, PA

"I really love the way our tutor motivates my son."

A Parent from Deleware


We offer one-on-one personalized tutoring for students in grades K-12 in all academic subject areas. Our in-person tutoring model is offered throughout the entire Delaware Valley.

School Services

We partner with schools providing a variety of tutoring services for students at the school or location of choice. All programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the student.

Online Tutoring

Personalized, flexible and engaging tutoring sessions that are designed to meet your child’s academic needs from the comfort and safety of your home.


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Why Choose Team Tutor?

Team tutor believes that all students can learn. Our tutors are rooted in that belief and our personalized tutoring programs are designed with that in mind.

Become a School Partner

Team Tutor collaborates with schools, offering customized tutoring programs for students. We function as an extension of your school, embracing a transparent and openly collaborative educational approach.


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