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Our Team Approach

Team Tutor helps students boost grades and improve overall academic skills. When enrolled in our programs, our students see an increase in self-esteem and confidence and our parents see their child’s motivation soar! Our tutors develop customized tutoring programs based on their student’s strengths, needs, learning style and personality. Our tutors use research-based programs that support the student’s specific academic needs to help your child gain the confidence and skills they need to flourish and succeed in their classroom.

Our tutors take the team approach by communicating consistently with the parent and collaborating with the classroom teacher. Daily tutoring session reports are made available for parents. These reports outline the goals of each session and detail your child’s progress which leads them to academic success.

Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring provides the same personalized programs and individualized attention as our in-person tutoring sessions; however, it is delivered via our online tutoring platform.

Once your child is registered, we will send you a welcome letter that outlines our online tutoring tips to set you up for success and then the tutoring matching process begins!

You will be assigned your personal tutor to foster consistency, build rapport, and create a positive learning experience.

Tutor Matching Process

Our dynamic tutor matching process is based on many factors: student’s learning style, academic needs, personality traits, & schedule preferences.

Flexible Scheduling & Location

We schedule tutoring sessions around your busy life! We provide both online in-person tutoring tutoring for convenience and ease.

Affordable Tutoring Programs

Our programs are affordable for all budgets. We offer discount packages and flexible payment plans.

Our Tutoring Subjects

We provide tutoring in all academic subjects for grades K-12.


Solid math skills are the foundation for success. Math skills build upon each other, which means a struggling math student will have a lifetime of math struggles. Our math tutors provide individualized math programs that help students build automaticity and master math skills.

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Strong reading skills foster academic success. If your child struggles with reading, they will lose interest in learning, experience a decrease in grades. Our tutors create confident readers through our personalized learning programs.

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Study Skills

Good study skills create confident learners and higher test scores. Many students in middle and high school begin to see a decline in their grades due to poor study skills.

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Summer Tutoring

Did you know that students experience an average of 2.6 months of learning loss during the summer months? If your child is below grade level, then the gap grows greater. Prevent summer tutoring learning loss with our personalized summer tutoring programs.

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Our English tutoring program is designed to help students successfully master the reading and writing aspects of the English Language. Command of the English language is integral to a child’s overall academic success. Effective communicators are always more likely to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Our tutors are experts in this discipline and can tutor students from middle school through high school.

While writing may not come naturally to many students, the advantages of improving one’s writing and reading comprehension skills extend well beyond English to other subject areas. Whatever your requirements —- writing, vocabulary, grammar, paragraph structure or essay development, we can help. Our English tutors can prepare individualized tutoring plans for each student that supplement and support classroom learning.

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Our history and social studies tutors are specialists in this subject area. Our tutors will incorporate important study skills in order to help with overall study techniques: note taking tips, organizing the material and other memory strategies.

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Homework time can be utterly stressful for students and parents alike. Students often get frustrated and their confidence and self-esteem are affected. This does not need to happen.

Team Tutor can help! Our homework help tutors will assist your child in completing all homework assignments while minimizing stress. Our tutors will guide your child through the entire homework process, teaching them the skills they need to independently complete tasks.

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Science is one of the more difficult subjects for students to comprehend. Team Tutor’s instructors will assist students who are struggling in science by breaking down the concepts in ways in which students can understand. By simplifying the theories and concepts, our tutors are able to increase their students’ interest level, thereby making Science an easier subject to grasp.

Our Tutors will stimulate the child’s desire to learn by making the lessons both interesting and fun. From basic science to more advanced chemistry, biology, and physics. Team Tutor has certified, experienced educators who can teach any level. Our tutors will challenge and encourage students to explore the wonderful world of science!

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Knowledge of a second language gives students a competitive advantage and can lead to improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills. Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores. This advantage extends well beyond the classroom, as many employers seek applicants who are fluent in other languages.

Our tutors can help students enhance their language/grammar skills and reading/writing ability at any level. Our Spanish tutors will focus on enhancing your child’s conversational skills while improving their vocabulary and fostering a joy for learning the Spanish language.

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All children have varying learning styles and unique needs. Team Tutor has an extensive team of certified special education tutors. These tutors work collaboratively with the student’s IEP to focus directly on the student’s needs. They follow the school’s plan of action so they can offer effective supplemental material. It is truly a TEAM effort!

Students with learning differences often feel threatened in large group settings. Our one-on-one approach will give them the confidence they need to succeed in their classroom environment. Team Tutor’s customized tutoring program will help your child achieve better grades and greater self-esteem.

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Diagnostic Assessments

Identifying Your Child’s Needs & Strengths

Team Tutor provides educational evaluations to identify a student’s academic strengths and needs. Our assessments help determine the most appropriate intervention for the student. These assessments also give us a baseline for measuring the student’s progress accurately. Our assessments are administered by one of our educational diagnosticians. After testing is complete, you will receive a written report, along with an educational consultation review by Yolanda Coleman, M.Ed., Director & Founder.


A proven track record of serving students throughout the Delaware Valley


Referral Rate

Percentage of students referred to us by their schools, friends, educational consultants and others


Certified Teachers

Percentage of our teachers Certified with a variety of specialities


How often should my child receive tutoring?

There are no set rules and children’s individual needs vary. Your free initial consultation will determine just how many sessions your child should receive.

How long are the tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions vary with every student’s needs. Our online sessions can be 30 minutes or longer whereas our in-person sessions are 60 minutes or longer

What are your rates for tutoring?

Our tutoring rates are very competitive. They do vary depending upon the subject and grade level. Call 215-657-1981 or e-mail us ( with your child’s grade level and subject area and we can provide you with a rate.

Are there any long-term commitment requirements?

No. There are no long-term requirements. You have the flexibility to register for as many or as few sessions as you need. We do require that you sign a registration form that acknowledges our tutoring and cancellation policies.

How can I be sure my child’s tutor is screened and qualified?

Our tutors are state certified, degreed, and professional educators. Every Team Tutor educator goes through a rigorous screening process, which includes multiple background checks. Our private tutors are experts in their field and are skilled at creating an environment that encourages students to achieve academic success.

Can the tutoring take place somewhere other than my home?

Absolutely. Our tutoring is online and accessible to all students. In-person tutoring is available for students throughout the Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County & Montgomery County and can take place at a mutually convenient location for you and the tutor.

I have multiple children who need tutoring, do you offer discounts?

Yes. Call our office for details.

What times are your tutors available?

Team Tutor has tutors available every day of the week for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We try to be as flexible as possible, as we know how hectic life can be.

Success Stories

"We are so grateful for your patience & dedication with our student! She's really a special kid that just needed a little bit of extra help & you gave him that & more."

PARENTS FROM Philadelphia, PA

"Tutoring is going very well. My student gets tons of work done with CR!"

Parents from Philadelphia, PA

"My student has learned so much from David!"

Parents from Philadelphia, PA

"Joanne was a wonderful tutor and she provided excellent service to our student!"

Parents from Philadelphia, PA

"Myself and my student are extremely happy with Team Tutor!"

Parents from Philadelphia, PA

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Why Choose Team Tutor?

Team tutor believes that all students can learn. Our tutors are rooted in that belief and our personalized tutoring programs are designed with that in mind.

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Team Tutor collaborates with schools, offering customized tutoring programs for students. We function as an extension of your school, embracing a transparent and openly collaborative educational approach.


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