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Our mission of working as a “team” is at the core of our beliefs. As an educational partner, we work collaboratively with local schools to provide students with individualized instruction. We work with schools in a variety of capacities. Whether we provide 1-on-1 or small group instruction, one thing is certain—all of our programs are targeted to fit the varying needs of the students.

  • Individualized Learning Programs: All of our tutoring programs are tailored to meet your student’s individual needs. We work with the school to create a plan that is targeted to meet the student’s academic and or IEP goals.
  • State-Certified Teachers: All of our tutors are state-certified teachers and have all updated background clearances.
  • Safe Learning Environment: All sessions take place in a safe online learning environment & students progress at their own learning pace.
  • Intuitive and Powerful Technology: Our online sessions are powered by a state of the art online platform that fosters engagement and interactive learning.
  • Personalized Tutor Matching Process: Our tutors are selected for each student by one of our academic coordinators based on the students’ learning styles and needs.
  • Constant Communication & Collaboration: Our platform is designed to keep parents, students and schools updated on schedules and academic progress in a timely manner.

Our Tutoring Services

We provide tutoring in all academic subjects for grades K-12.

High-Dosage Tutoring

Our online high impact tutoring program focuses on student specific goals. Our programs are designed to provide critical support in specific content areas. Consistent progress monitoring high frequency sessions, powerful technology  and research based programs are key components to our successful high-dosage tutoring programs.

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Home School Support

Our tutors work with your current homeschool curriculum offering full and part time support depending on your child’s needs.

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Homebound Instruction

Team Tutor works with local schools’ homebound instructional programs to provide the highest quality of individualized instruction.

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Special Education

We partner with special education directors to provide individualized tutoring programs for students in need of additional supportive services.

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Team Tutor provides a variety of intervention-based programs for students needing more intensive reading and math support. We begin our programs with an assessment so we can ascertain a baseline and monitor progress throughout our programs.

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Team Tutor provides personalized 1-on-1 and small group tutoring and intervention in all academic subjects. Our tutors are experts in the specific subject matter.

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Team Tutor provides test prep programs, from private school entrance exams to college admissions entrance exams. Plus, we have personalized SAT & ACT programs to help improve your child’s test scores. Our small group and 1-on-1 programs are personalized and tailored to fit the needs of your students.

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We provide certified teachers to fill any gaps your school is experiencing. We become an extension of your school while filling gaps and opening up resources for your team.

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What Do We Offer

Our Partners?


Our tutoring programs are designed to be accessible for all students in mind. Whether your students need to access tutoring support in school or after school, our tutoring programs are flexible and accessible to all students.

Individualized Instruction

Our tutoring programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Our programs are created with the students in mind first. We meet the students where they are academically and progress from there. Individualized instruction results in an increase in self-esteem, better grades and a greater willingness to learn.

Personalized Matching Process

Our tutors are selected for each student by one of our academic coordinators. The matching process is based on the student’s learning style, academic needs and strengths. Our personalized matching process ensures that every student is working with the highest qualified tutor.

Communication & Collaboration

Our tutoring programs were designed with a team collaborative approach. All of our programs start with a school intake to learn about the goals and needs for the individual student’s program. Once tutoring begins, schools and students are updated schedules and academic progress in a timely manner.


A proven track record of serving students throughout the Delaware Valley


Referral Rate

Percentage of students referred to us by their schools, friends, educational consultants and others


Certified Teachers

Percentage of our teachers Certified with a variety of specialities

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Why Choose Team Tutor?

Team tutor believes that all students can learn. Our tutors are rooted in that belief and our personalized tutoring programs are designed with that in mind.

Become a School Partner

Team Tutor collaborates with schools, offering customized tutoring programs for students. We function as an extension of your school, embracing a transparent and openly collaborative educational approach.


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