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We Inspire

Our tutors inspire students to reach academic success.

We Motivate

Our tutors motivate students to love the learning process.

We Believe

We believe that all students can learn and can reach their fullest potential.


Our History

Founded in October of 2005 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman, Team Tutor has quickly become the Delaware Valley’s premier educational tutoring firm. Team Tutor offers the highest quality personalized one-on-one tutoring for grades Pre-K through College at very affordable rates. Team Tutor also provides enrichment classes at several local school districts and parks and recreation departments.

Yolanda’s passion for educating children and inspiring them to achieve was the driving force behind her decision to develop Team Tutor. An expert in her field, Ms. Fontanez-Coleman spent more than 10 years with the School District of Philadelphia and continues to teach enrichment classes in several disciplines including Spanish.

It was during her tenure with the Philadelphia School District that Yolanda was first exposed to the wide-spread need for accessible one-on-one instruction. With no assistance in sight, she decided that she would become the solution by matching students with tutors who could truly address each child’s individual needs.

Yolanda’s mission is to offer the highest quality of educational instruction in an accessible manner. She believes all children can learn and should be given the opportunity for academic success. Though she may not be currently teaching in the traditional classroom setting, her goal is to help one child at a time through Team Tutor.

Our Mission

TEAM TUTOR is an educational firm providing individualized instruction designed to support and supplement classroom learning. Our ultimate mission is to provide each and every one of our students with the tools they need to achieve academic success.

Our tutors help students improve grades, raise test scores, learn productive study skills, build self-confidence and most importantly, they enable their students to succeed in the classroom.

We tutor students in need of intervention or enrichment services in grades Pre-K through College throughout the entire Delaware Valley, including the city of Philadelphia, and the surrounding suburbs.

Our  Team

Yolanda Fontanez Coleman

Yolanda Fontanez Coleman

Founder & CEO

Yolanda’s passion for educating children and inspiring them to achieve academic success was the driving force behind her decision to develop Team Tutor. An expert in her field, Yolanda has over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience.

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Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman

Owner & CFO

Bill has been part of Team Tutor from the inception of the company, when he started helping on a part-time basis. After 15 years in the investment world, Bill decided to join his wife and Team Tutor full time in 2010. His role at Team Tutor includes managing all operational aspects of the finance department.

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Jolene DeFusco

Jolene DeFusco

Student Services Specialist

Jolene DeFusco has been a proud member of Team Tutor since 2007. Jolene was originally hired as a Wilson Reading tutor. Upon joining as a tutor, Jolene was struck by the team approach designed to help each and every individual student.


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Kristen Aballa

Kristen Aballa

Academic Coordinator

Kristen Aballa is excited for the opportunity to work for Team Tutor. She has been an educator for almost twenty years, starting in the School District of Philadelphia. Throughout her teaching career, she’s had the pleasure of working with multiple grade levels, from first through eighth grade, in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Mary Kate Moran Warner

Mary Kate Moran Warner


Mary Kate Moran Warner joined Team Tutor in 2020. She began as a tutor in the areas of reading and math from first through eighth grade. Because of her certification in the Wilson Reading program Mary Kate, she is passionate about literacy for all her students. Prior to Team Tutor Mary Kate was a technology Teacher in a parochial school.

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Our Tutors

Our tutors inspire students to reach success. Team Tutor tutors are compassionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to their profession. They are not only experts in their area of content, but they are also committed to making a personal connection with each student. They motivate and inspire your child to take learning risks, which results in greater self confidence, independence, and academic success.

We are hiring Tutors With HEART!

H umble: respectable, reputable

E mpathetic: compassionate, understanding

A ccountable: responsible

R esponsible: trustworthy

T eam Oriented: collaborative mindset


    A proven track record of serving students throughout the Delaware Valley


    Referral Rate

    Percentage of students referred to us by their schools, friends, educational consultants and others


    Certified Teachers

    Percentage of our teachers Certified with a variety of specialities


    How often should my child receive tutoring?

    There are no set rules and children’s individual needs vary. Your free initial consultation will determine just how many sessions your child should receive.

    How long are the tutoring sessions?

    Tutoring sessions are typically 60 minutes length, but can be as long as you want.

    What are your rates for tutoring?

    Our tutoring rates are very competitive. They do vary depending upon the subject and grade level. Call 215-657-1981 or e-mail us ( info@teamtutor.com) with your child’s grade level and subject area and we can provide you with a rate.

    Are there any long-term commitment requirements?

    No. There are no long-term requirements. You have the flexibility to register for as many or as few sessions as you need. We do require that you sign a registration form that acknowledges our tutoring and cancellation policies and permits us to contact the classroom teacher.

    How can I be sure my child’s tutor is screened and qualified?

    Our tutors are state certified, degreed, and professional educators. Every Team Tutor educator goes through a rigorous screening process, which includes multiple background checks. Our private tutors are experts in their field and are skilled at creating an environment that encourages students to achieve academic success.

    Can the tutoring take place somewhere other than my home?

    Absolutely. Our tutoring is online and accessible to all students. In-person tutoring is available for students throughout the Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County & Montgomery County and can take place at a mutually convenient location for you and the tutor.

    I have multiple children who need tutoring, do you offer discounts?

    Yes. Call our office for details.

    What times are your tutors available?

    Team Tutor has tutors available every day of the week for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We try to be as flexible as possible, as we know how hectic life can be.

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    Why Choose Team Tutor?

    Team tutor believes that all students can learn. Our tutors are rooted in that belief and our personalized tutoring programs are designed with that in mind.

    Become a School Partner

    Team Tutor collaborates with schools, offering customized tutoring programs for students. We function as an extension of your school, embracing a transparent and openly collaborative educational approach.


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