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K-12 Spanish Programs

Spanish tutoring personalized to meet your child’s interests, needs, and learning styles.

Build Skills & Improve Confidence

Spanish tutoring structured to improve conversational skills, develop strong vocabulary and build confidence.

Boosting Grades & Achieving Success

Personalized Spanish tutoring designed to boost grades and helping students achieve success.

Knowledge of a second language gives students a competitive advantage and can lead to improved overall school performance and advanced problem-solving skills. Early exposure to a foreign language has been linked to higher IQ scores, improved English and math scores, and improved SAT scores. This advantage extends well beyond the classroom, as many employers seek applicants who are fluent in other languages.

Our tutors can help students enhance their language/grammar skills and reading/writing ability at any level. Our Spanish tutors will focus on enhancing your child’s conversational skills while improving their vocabulary and fostering a joy for learning the Spanish language.

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