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Individualized Approach

We focus on YOUR child per our thorough review and discussion of your child’s IEP and 504 plan. Our individualized approach creates success so your child can achieve their academic goals.

Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach with you, the parent, the school and your child’s tutor provides a positive synergy that fosters a team approach which leads to your child’s academic success.

Team Approach

Our team approach builds for a successful partnership. We work with parents and schools in order to provide the appropriate tutoring plan to meet your child’s IEP or 504 goals.

IEP & 504 Reviews

Our director, Yolanda Coleman, M.Ed, will review your child’s IEP and 504 to determine your child’s academic needs. We will work together to design the most appropriate tutoring plan for your child. We also work closely with your child’s classroom teachers and school personnel to ensure a TEAM approach is taken in order to achieve academic success! Please contact the office to discuss educational consulting options and rates.

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