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Whether your child is struggling with math homework, having difficulty with a specific math concepts, or has been diagnosed with math learning difference, our math tutoring programs are personalized to meet your child’s needs, strengths and learning style.

Student-Centered Math Tutoring

Our 1-on-1 math programs are Student-centered and pace driven math programs designed to improve skills and build your child’s confidence. Our math tutors focus on breaking down concepts, modeling, practicing and building mastery.

Math Success

Our individualized math tutoring is designed to boost grades and helping students achieve success in math. Whether your child needs math homework support to intensive tutoring support, our math tutoring is designed to meet your child where they are and help them reach their fullest math potential.

Solid math skills are the foundation for success. Math skills build upon each other, which means a struggling math student will have a lifetime of math struggles. Our math tutors provide individualized math programs that help students build automaticity and master math skills. Our math specialists focus on all levels and aspects of math:

  • Numeration
  • Problem Solving
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Mental Computation and Estimation

Identifying Your Child’s Math Needs:

Whether your child is struggling with one specific math skill or has a significant math gap, our math tutor will identify their math needs and strategically develop their personalized math program. Our math tutor uses the data of the math assessment to create the appropriate math program based on your child’s math skills. This helps minimize frustration, strengthen confidence and increase math levels.

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