Help Your Child Succeed in School with These Organizational Tips!

Oct 24, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Organization

Is your child organized? Organization comes easily for some students, though for others it is a struggle, a big struggle! Organization is an important factor to being successful in school. In fact, students who struggle with organization tend to see a decrease in grades and an increase in stress.

Being organized reduces chaos, minimizes stress and increases a student’s chances for academic success. Here are  5 organizational tips to help your child stay organized this school year! school supplies

1. Use a Calendar:  

Use a calendar to write down all homework assignments, after school activities, tests and projects. The type of calendar depends on the student’s preference. Once the information is on the calendar, make sure your child refers back to it daily. Implementing the use of a calendar will help with time management and planning skills. 

2. Filing System: 

A filing system is a great for all the paperwork that is brought home from school, or for any longterm projects or homework. There are a few options for a filing system: binder and an accordion folder to name a few. Once you determine the filing system that works best for your child, use it and be consistent. 

3. White Boards 

Are you looking for a simple way to be reminded of your weekly tests, projects or assignments? White boards may be the answer. Use white boards to post your child’s weekly assignments and tests. It will keep you on top of what is due that week.

4. Cubby Area: 

One of the biggest issues for many households is getting out the door on time. Does your morning consist of your child looking all over for their book bag, sneakers or other items? Create a cubby area near the door. Give each child a basket, bin or crate so they can put their book bags, lunch bags and all other school items needed for that day. Make sure every night that basket is filled with the necessary school items for the next day. Creating this cubby area will make school mornings so much easier! 

5. Weekly Clean Up Sessions: 

How do you maintain organization each week? Weekly clean up sessions will keep you organized! Set aside 10-20 minutes a week with your child, go through their book bags, folders and pencil cases. Clean out all unnecessary items and organize everything together. This is great time to restock any supplies that are needed. These weekly clean up sessions will create success for your child!

If you want your child to be organized, be a model of organization and work together with the organizational systems. Being organized takes work and consistency. It is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. Organization will lead to  minimize chaos and lead you to the road to academic success.

Happy Learning! 

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