How Do I Know When My Child Needs a Tutor?

How Do I Know When My Child Needs a Tutor? 

Understanding and determining the right time to hire a tutor can be crucial to your child’s academic success. Do not wait until report card period time to make that decision. You want to enlist a tutor early enough to help keep motivation and confidence high. 

Here are some signs to help you decide when it’s the right time to hire a tutor. 

Lack of Interest or Motivation: If you are seeing a level of disinterest in school, a lack of motivation to do homework or your child is  expressing a lack of confidence in their abilities, tutoring may be a good option to help your child improve their motivation and confidence. 

Grades Are Slipping: If your child is not performing well on tests or quizzes and their grades are slipping, this can be a sign that your child needs subject tutoring support. If your child is not handing in assignments or completing projects, your child may benefit from tutoring in areas of executive functioning skills

Behavioral Changes: Students that exhibit behavioral changes may be attributed to stress related to academic struggles. They may be frustrated and not realize they are struggling academically. Communicate with your child’s teacher early and often. Discuss these behavioral changes to determine if a tutor can support any issues related to academics. 

School Avoidance: Is your child saying, “I do not want to go to school?” Or “I hate school.”  These warning signs can be due to an academic struggle that they may be experiencing. Talk with your child and try to assess and  learn what may be causing these emotional reactions. This may be rooted in an academic struggle. 

When seeking the support of a tutor, it’s important to communicate with your child,  their teachers and school staff to gain insights on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, early tutor intervention is most effective, so do not delay in enlisting the support of a tutor. 

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