Why is 1-on-1 tutoring so effective? The Power of 1:1 Tutoring

Tutoring has proven to be one of the most important academic supports you can provide a student. The 1:1 tutoring model is highly effective and this individualized tutoring approach allows students to flourish and achieve academic success. 

Read to discover  why 1:1 tutoring has a huge impact on a student’s academic success: 

Relationship Building: The 1:1 tutoring model focuses on building a relationship between the student and the tutor. Once a tutor and student have created a positive rapport, this establishes a solid foundation and a successful partnership is formed. 

Individualized Program: The 1:1 tutoring model allows for a more intensive tutoring approach. The tutor can personalize the program to meet the student’s needs. The tutor designs the program around the student’s learning goals, learning style and learning pace. 

Feedback & Collaboration:  1:1 tutoring fosters feedback & collaboration between the tutor and student. This open dialogue allows the student to attain immediate feedback on their performance, which leads to more immediate understanding of the material, and faster progress is achieved. 

Increased Engagement: 1:1 tutoring model encourages active participation and engagement from the student. Students tend to take greater learning risks and feel more confident and motivated within this learning environment. 

Flexible Teaching Methods: 1:1 tutoring allows for more flexible teaching and learning methods. Tutors can be nimble and move at the pace of the individual student. This teaching flexibility allows for a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience for the student. 

Overall the 1:1 tutoring model has proven to be effective for students. The relationship building, individualized programming, open feedback and collaboration, increased student engagement and flexible teaching methods all contribute to an effective learning model for all students. 

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