Executive Functioning Skills & The Impact on Learning

Nov 13, 2023 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Executive Function

Executive functioning refers to the mental processes that allow us to organize, initiate tasks, focus on tasks, and help us multi-task. Executive functioning skills directly impact our working memory and it allows us to have flexible thinking and juggle multiple tasks successfully.  

Executive functions skills develop in early childhood and throughout our mid-twenties. Not all individuals develop these skills and many struggle with developing them fully. Here are the signs of students that struggle with executive functioning skills: 

Have trouble initiating and completing tasks

Have difficulty prioritizing tasks 

Have difficulty remembering information 

Have difficulty when routines change or are altered 

Shifting from one task to another is a challenge

Organizing things is a challenge

Have difficulty keeping track of their things 

Managing time is difficult for them 

Lacking executive functioning skills can cause many issues with a student’s learning and can impede on their academic success. Working memory and flexible thinking are essential executive function skills that support students in becoming good readers.  They are also essential in learning math. Students who struggle with executive function skills often miss many mistakes they make and have difficulty monitoring their own work. If your student is struggling with executive functioning skills, there are many ways to support and strengthen these skills. 

One on one tutoring that is focused on executive functioning skills can target these specific skills and help improve a student’s ability to initiate and prioritize tasks.  That in turn will help improve working memory skills, organizing material and information, and helping with time management skills. Our executive functioning skills program is targeted to meet individual student’s needs and help them develop these skills so they can be successful in the classroom and in life. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our one-on-one tutoring can support your child. 

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