The Benefits of Scheduling Summer Tutoring at the End of the Summer

Jul 25, 2022 by Mary Kate | Summer Tutoring, Tutoring

It’s important that students take time to rest and recharge after a long school year. Sometimes parents wonder if their child is ready for the next year or ways they can start the academic year strong. Studies have shown that learning loss does occur over the summer months, but tutoring can help. A little extra practice each week can make all the difference without taking too much away from summer relaxation. Here are some reasons starting tutoring at the end of summer can be a great idea.


Review Concepts 

The concepts students learn each grade work like building blocks. Every year a student builds on prior knowledge to gain new skills. Tutoring sessions during the summer months give the opportunity to brush up on concepts from the previous school year they may not have learned to master. Taking the time to reinforce fundamental skills will strengthen their ability to absorb new content in the next grade. 


Build Confidence

Unlike during the school year, students can work on a unique goal specific to their learning needs without the pressure of an upcoming test or assignment. Many students who come to TeamTutor have struggled previously in education and our tutors have been able to help them move forward with their learning. Summer tutoring creates an opportunity for students and tutors to build confidence in skills like reading and math outside of the classroom. 


Help Get Organized

Beginning tutoring before the school year starts gives you the chance to know your tutor before the academic year begins. We cannot impress the advantage this is for students struggling with any type of executive functioning. Getting a few sessions in before the school year starts can help your tutor identify areas of need and immediately find methods for your student to help stay focused and organized.


Let us know how we can support you and your child this summer! Contact us today for more information on our summer programs, 215-657-1981. We look forward to the opportunity to working with you and your child! 


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