What Type of Learner Is YOUR Child?

Dec 18, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Styles


Every student learns uniquely and processes new information in different ways. Our learning styles are defined by the way our brain processes and remembers information. We are born with our learning style and we can have more than one learning style. Understanding your child’s learning style will allow you to be able to tailor the way you work with them at home. Do you know your child’s learning style? Which one resembles how your child learns? Remember your child can have more than one learning style!


Kinesthetic Learners:

Kinesthetic learners, also known as tactile learners, learn best through hands-on or manipulative based activities. They learn through movement, doing and exploring the environment around them. Kinesthetic learners remember what was done, but often has difficulty with recalling what was previously stated. These types of learners are active and do best when tasks promote movement, drawing and exploration. Incorporating games into your study sessions will be most helpful for these learners.

Auditory Learners:

Auditory learners learn through hearing. They remember facts best through listening rather than through visual or written techniques. These learners often repeat facts that have been stated, they prefer directions that are given orally and they often hum or sing to themselves when they are bored. Lecture and discussion style classes are the best instructional models for this type of learner. Listening to audiobooks is a great study tool for these learners.

Visual Learners:

Visual learners or spatial learners, learn through seeing. They are considered the observer. They excel in a classroom setting when visual cues such as maps, diagrams, and pictures are presented. They do well with implementing visualization techniques to remember facts. They think in pictures and tend to do well when instructional models include PowerPoint presentations, videos or whiteboard lessons. Implementing more visual aids into your study sessions is most effective for these learners.

Logical Learners:

Logical learners, or  analytical learners, are very strong in analyzing information. They do best with problem solving and critical thinking activities. They excel in puzzles and abstract problems. These learners tend to be great with mathematics and time management. Discussion and debate style study session are most effective for these students.
Understanding your child’s learning style will give parents the information needed in order to implement the most effective study strategies at home. Remember all students learn differently and there is not a one size fits all instructional model when it comes to education. Students may be dominant in one learning style but will have characteristics of others. Which learning style identifies with  your child?

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