Today is a New Day!

Apr 27, 2022 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Daily Inspiration, Growth Mindset, Message from CEO, Wellbeing

Students struggle daily, whether it’s an academic challenge, sports issues, balancing sports & school, or  time-management challenges. They have struggles and oftentimes it can really have a negative impact on their academic performance along with many other areas in their lives. Sometimes just the simplest shift in perspective is all that they need to get through these challenges. 

This morning, while working with a high school student who has been recently struggling with a few things in her life, she shared with me a simple saying that changed it all for her today. Her struggles have recently impacted her academics and had her off course a bit. She felt disconnected and unfocused. When I met with her today and asked her how she was doing, she said,  “today is a new day!” She was more energetic, smiled with bright happy eyes and was ready to take on the day’s challenges and joys that were coming her way. 

We can learn a lot from our students. The simple act of saying today is a new day, gave her hope, possibility and she also was able to learn from her most recent struggles that have taken her off balance and kept her unfocused.  

So remember students, challenges will happen but they don’t last forever, you will get through them. Stay positive and shift your perspective, remember “today is a new day”.  A day where you can do better. A day where you can take learning risks, a day where you can believe in yourself, a day where you can strive to be a better student, become a stronger athlete, a kinder person to yourself and to others. Today is a new day for hope, wonder and opportunity. 

Today is a new day! 

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