My Hybrid Learning Experience

Oct 1, 2020 by Bianca C

Hybrid learning may seem like a dream to some people right now. Think again! It can be awesome and a nightmare at times. You may like the idea of going into school only twice or three times a week, but the days you are not in, you are back to teaching yourself and trying not to get distracted by the happenings at your own home. Once you think you have finally gotten that dreaded school routine down, you are back to virtual school the next day and have to plan out another routine that may be thrown out the window once more. Personally, I like school, so I enjoy being in school. That means although some days I get to learn in the comfort of my own home, I rarely enjoy it. My home is where I come to relax after school, not to be taught in and to think of my dining room as my classroom. 


Social interaction is rare nowadays, so sports are a major outlet for me, which helps improve this situation a lot, but right now the fate of sports is unknown. The world is ever-changing at such a rapid pace right now that the “new normal” may not work for us in a few months. Some students, like myself, thrive on adapting to situations like these, whether we like it or not, while others are hanging on by threads barely keeping track of what homework they have due or which classes they may or may not have for the next few days. Our education is more in our own hands than ever before, and some people are not ready for that responsibility yet. How impolite of me, I haven’t even asked how your experience has been yet!

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