Life as a Student-Athlete

Being a student athlete is the best decision I have made in my high school career thus far. I could not imagine what my everyday high school life would be like if I did not participate in any sports. I specifically play basketball, and it is a blast. I am the type of person that needs to be doing something at all times, whether it is school work or working on my sport. When I am not in season, I wake up, go to school, and come home. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to school, but I go anyway so I don’t miss anything.

After school I will do my homework, workout, then relax. In season is when it gets really fun. Normally I wake up, go to school, and then practice after school. I never feel like not going to school because I know right after school I have practice or a game, which is the best part of my day. Even though I like to learn, I get bored sometimes, it’s human nature. Having basketball at the end of the day is exactly what I need to get me through the day. When I don’t have school or club basketball after school, I can say for a fact that those are my least favorite days. As a student athlete, I am able to create an opportunity for myself to further my education while also playing the sport that I love. How do you feel about the student-athlete life?

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