Reading Comprehension Strategies

Jun 8, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Resources, Reading, Summer Resources, Summer Tutoring

Reading comprehension strategies need to be taught explicitly. Studies show that implementing targeted instruction in reading comprehension strategies can develop the skills needed to be an active reader. An active reader is able to adjust how they read depending on the type of text and context that they are reading. They are able to preview text before reading by skimming headings, sentences and key words. Active readers can self monitor, stop and ask questions as they read. These skills do not happen innately, they must be taught and practiced over time.

How can parents, teachers and tutors improve a student’s reading skills? When reading with your child take the time the stop and ask questions, make this part of your daily reading time. Over time students will develop the skills needed to be active readers. Print out this resource and keep it handy while reading with your child. These strategies will guide your questions and facilitate an engaging and interactive reading experience with your child!



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