Online Math Websites To Strengthen Math Skills

Jun 4, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Resources, Math, On-line Learning, Summer Resources, Summer Tutoring, Tutoring

Are you looking for resources to help supplement your child’s math skills? Our team of educators compiled a list of math resources that can support your current math program or build your child’s math skills over the summer!

Math Resources:

Math Games

Practice math skills using interactive math games! Designed for students Pre-K through 8th grade.


Free educational games that will strengthen math skills for students Pre-K through 8th grade.


Membership based program to boost math skills for students in grades K-8th grade.


Free online program geared to boost skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Online games geared to boost math skills for students in grades K-5.

Math Game Time

Free games and videos for students in grades Pre-K through 7th grade.


Membership based program designed to strengthen math skills for students in grades K-12.


Math lessons aligned with common core to help students strengthen math skills. Geared for middle and high school students.

Khan Academy

Free online lessons to provide students videos and practice exercises to help master math skills. Khan Academy is geared to all ages.

Cool Math Games

Free online math games to foster math and critical thinking skills. The games are all engaging,  interactive and full of challenging brain games!


Free online math resources to support math skills for students in grades K-12. Reinforce your math skills through videos, games and flashcards!


Gfletchy teaches math progressions in an innovative way. This resource fosters problem solving and critical thinking skills through interactive videos.


This is a game-based learning platform for students in grades 5-12.


Muzology is an interactive math resource for students learning pre-algebra skills in grades 5-8. Muzology teaches music to learn math skills. Students find this resource extremely engaging and fun!

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