Our Tutoring Story in a Post- Pandemic World

Mar 2, 2023 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Uncategorized

Team Tutor has been providing personalized in-person tutoring for students in grades K-12  throughout the Delaware Valley for over 19  years. Once Covid hit, our services transformed to online tutoring. In this post-pandemic world,  we continue to provide both online and in-person services. However, the majority of our tutoring offerings are online and we continue to offer our in-person tutoring services based on the availability of tutors within specific geographic areas. 

Online tutoring has allowed us to expand our reach outside of the Delaware Valley.  Offering online tutoring has allowed us to reach more students, partner with more schools and consult with more parents. We are able to make a greater impact in the education space which has always been our goal. 

Our goal always remains the same.  Our ultimate mission is to provide each and every one of our students with the tools they need to achieve academic success. We strive to provide a highly personalized and tailored approach to our tutoring programs. Our tutors are highly dedicated to our students and we take a collaborative team approach to all of our tutoring services. Our internal team of academic coordinators work with our families and partner with schools to provide the most comprehensive tutoring program for our students. Even though these changes within organizations can occur, Team Tutor’s personalized and high quality service remains the same. We continue to provide all students with high quality, personalized and highly accessible tutoring. 

We appreciate all of our partner schools, families and most importantly students. We look forward to working with you in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our tutoring programs, 215-657-1981. 

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