Our Family Summer Bucket List 2018

Jun 3, 2018 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Summer Tutoring

summer swimming

It’s summer, and one of my favorite things we do in our family is to create a summer bucket list. Before summer is in full swing we set time to create our summer wish list, where we share the things that we want to do or experience during the summer months.

Our wishes range from:

  • Bake a 3 layered cake (our 10-year-old)
  • Attend weekly yoga classes (me)
  • Go to the US Open (husband)
  • Watch a WNBA game (our 13-year-old)
  • Read Teen Vogue Magazine (our 13-year-old)

Our individual list is playful, fun and a true representation of who each individual is in our family. We share our summer bucket list with the whole family and oftentimes we need to pair down some of the “far-fetched” goals, like traveling around the world in 3 months (lol)!

Create Your Own Summer Bucket List

Summer is time when life seems to slow down a bit, and I find it to be a great time where I reassess where I am in life and work and reset my personal and work goals.

Do you create new goals or a bucket list during the summer? It’s refreshing and a good way to enjoy mini adventures with your family. Here is summer bucket list that we used:

summer bucket list

Print out your own bucket list and give it a try with your family.

Give each family member the opportunity to fill out their own bucket list and then sit together to share your ideas. It’s a fun way to kick off summer, set expectations, and plan activities to look forward to! What fun expeditions will you plan with your family this summer?

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