Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O’Malley

Sep 14, 2013 by speakeasy | ADHD, Back To School, Creative Writing, Reading, Teaching, Uncategorized

Looking to start the school year off with a book that both girls and boys will enjoy? You should check out Kevin O’Malley’s book, Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. This book is appropriate for students in grade 1 and up. While the story is written by O’Malley, the illustrations are a team effort. Carol Heyer and Scott Goto help illustrate this humorous, modern-day fairy tale.

At the beginning of the book, we learn that the main characters were assigned a project together. They were supposed to tell the audience about their favorite fairy tale. Turns out, they couldn’t agree on which fairy tale was best, so they worked together to make one up. As we read the story we find the two students, a girl and a boy, adding dialogue and discussing the plot. Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude is a great example of people working together to create a story – from the author and illustrators, to the characters within the book.

This book would be a great tool to help introduce a collaborative learning activity to students. After reading the book, you can discuss the importance of everyone pitching in, adding their thoughts while listening to the ideas of the classmates in their group.

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