Report Cards: How to Respond to Low Grades

1st quarter report card time is fast approaching. This often brings a mix of emotions for students. Many students feel worry, hope, fear, while others feel a sense of relaxation, excitement and anticipation. For students that struggle academically, this can be an even more difficult time for them. As parents, the way we respond to report card grades can really impact our children in a positive or negative way.  Here are some recommended tips on how to respond to low report card grades.  

  • Create a conversation with your child that fosters trust and openness. Give your child the opportunity to share their feelings and insights on their grades. Listen to them and discuss openly a plan to help support them in areas that need improvement. 
  • Make a plan together. Receiving low grades can be emotionally difficult for a child. Make an effort not to yell at them. Instead ask questions. How do you feel about your grades? What do you think you can do to improve your grades? Work together to discuss strategies on how to make adjustments going forward. 
  • Set up a time to chat with the teacher. Reach out to your child’s teacher and set up time to discuss the areas that need improvement. If possible, allow your child to sit in on the meeting, it can be very helpful and you can establish a “team” effort towards improving their academic performance. 
  • Enlist the help of a tutor. Tutors can support your child in improving their grades, increasing their self esteem and improving their overall motivation. 

Reviewing your child’s report card in a supportive  way will  have a long lasting positive   impact on your child. Working together with your child and your child’s teacher is an excellent way toward helping your child improve their overall academic performance. 

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