What Type of Learner Is Your Child?

Nov 19, 2015 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Styles

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Every child learns differently. The way a child learns can impact their success in school greatly. It is important to know how your child learns best. Do you know which learning style best characterizes your child? (Hint: Your child may have characteristics of more than one learning style.)

The Kinesthetic Learner: 

These learners are also known as the tactile learner. They enjoy movement and exploring things in their environment. They have a strong sense of timing and body movement therefore they often do very well in sports and performing arts activities. Other areas that they excel in include: drawing, sculpting, engineering, mechanics, cooking and construction.

The Auditory Learner:

These learners learn best through hearing information. Listening to information is more effective for these learners as opposed to visual or written modalities. Lectures and class discussions are beneficial learning formats for the auditory learner. They often prefer when directions are given to them orally. They also tend to repeat things and often hum to themselves when they are bored.

The Visual Learner: 

Visual learners learn best through visual modalities. They are most successful when lessons include a variety of pictures, diagrams and maps. They enjoy visual stimulation and they typically prefer to sit in front of the classroom. They often daydream and are often neat and clean.

Are you able to identify which learning style best fits your child?


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