The SAT is Going Digital- What you Need to Know!

Nov 2, 2023 by Mary Kate | SAT Prep, Test Prep

Standardized testing is going to look alot different this 2023-2024 school year. The SAT is going digital! The Digital SAT has some changes from the previous test. Be prepared and know the facts.


Important Dates

PSAT- First Digital Test Administration October 2023

Last Paper SAT Test December 2, 2023

First Digital SAT Test March 9, 2024


New To The Digital SAT

  • Section 1: Reading & Writing¬†
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
  • Section 2: Math
    • Module 1
    • Module 2

The new Digital SAT will feel much quicker taking only 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete. Previously the written SAT was 3+ hours long.

There are only two sections: Reading & Writing, and then Math.

Each of these two bigger sections are divided into smaller sections called modules. The new Digital SAT is a computer adaptive test. This means your accuracy in module 1 will determine the difficulty level of module 2. The question difficulty will be weighted in your score while before in the written test all questions counted equally.

The Digital SAT has also done away with long multiple page passages in the reading section. Now the reading section consists of short paragraphs with only 1 or 2 questions per passage. The next significant change is the ability to use a calculator in all sections of the math exam.

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