Support Your Child This Year with these 3 Tips

Nov 3, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Academic Goals, On-line Learning, Study Skills

This year has been challenging in so many ways, especially for our children. Whether your child is attending school virtually, hybrid or fully in school, this year is not like any other! We have completed a few months of school, how is your child doing so far? How can you ensure that your child stays strong academically while things are changing rapidly around them? Here are some tips on how to keep a pulse on how your child is doing academically before it gets too late.

Check in Daily:

Keep the lines of communication open on a daily basis. Ask questions. Listen to your child. What are they really saying? Just this morning, my daughter was rambling on about how frustrated she was while taking her test. She said, she felt like she was second guessing herself with some math problems. I allowed her to just get it off her chest, really giving her the time to express her frustrations. After she spoke, we really focused on what she said, we were able to pin point that she feels a bit insecure about a few skills in math. Now we are able to hone in on those specific math topics. Allowing your child to just express their frustrations can really tell a whole story and you can learn a-lot about what can be potentially a bigger issue.

Foster Flexibility: 

Create a schedule with your child that will foster success, goal setting and flexibility. A structured schedule may work for your child initially but also be open to pivot when you see that it is not working for them. Allowing space for flexibility and change is important to your child’s growth and success.

Establish Academic Goals and Revisit them Often: 

Create academic goals with your child. Once you have established these goals, write them down and revisit them often. Are they too easy or too hard to attain? Are you able to keep focus on the goals you have set? Be sure to revisit them and discuss them often with your child.

Create success this school year by fostering a daily check in system, fostering flexibility and establishing academic goals with your child. Together you can create academic success even if there is constant change around us.

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