Summer Adventures: Make Summer Reading Fun

Reading for enjoyment is a valuable concept to encourage. During the summer months it would be beneficial to set aside some daily or weekly reading time. Experts say that reading is the best activity for your child to stay connected to learning!

It is important to emphasize how enjoyable reading for fun can be. Many kids are aware that summer reading provides enjoyment and benefits their literacy far beyond the summer months, according to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report

Visit your local library and have your child select their reading materials. Most libraries have children and teen librarians who can provide guidance in making their selections. 

Here are some suggestions for a successful summer reading experience:

  • Look for reading materials that interest your child. There are so many subjects for all ages and tastes; including adventure, mystery, fantasy, romance, sports, and science fiction.
  • Create a summer reading space that is cozy, quiet and relaxed 
  • Set aside a block of time, a half-hour or an hour, for reading 
  • Track activity in a summer reading log
  • Create a reading challenge for siblings or friends 
  • Put together a book club with meeting times and activities
  • Compliment and celebrate all of your child’s reading achievements
  • Share in the experience and read together
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  • For more information about summer reading and suggested reading lists by grades visit:

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