Spring Break Fun

Mar 20, 2013 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Spring Break, Teaching

Are you homebound with your children during spring break? Do you need some fun, educational activities to do with them?  We put together some fun and out of the box activities that will keep your child learning during the break.

Trip to the Museum: Give them a map, have them read the map and be the guide. Equip  them with a camera so they can take photos and maybe do a photo journal of their trip when they get home.

Journalist: Become a journalist for the afternoon. Your child can pick a person they may want to interview,  have them come up with a few questions and ask away! If you have more than one child you can have your other child be the videographer. Get the whole family involved!

Art Fun: Invite your neighbors over for a fun art exhibit. Have the children draw a few pieces of art work. Give them a “rubric” so the art work can be rated. For example, rate the work from 1-5 (5 being the highest score). Some categories may include the most creative, the coolest, the most colorful etc.

Movie Critics: Set up a movie night in your home. After the movie you can have a family discussion about the movie. You may want to give your child some questions prior to the movie so they know what to think about while watching the movie.

We hope you will enjoy these ideas. Happy Spring Break! Do you have other fun ideas you can share?

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