SMART Goal Setting For Student Success

Jan 4, 2024 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Academic Goals

Goal setting is important for students. Goal setting creates the foundation for academic success. Setting goals fosters intention and promotes motivation. It personalizes the learning for the student and it also establishes a framework for student so they can advocate for what they need throughout their educational journey.

What is the best way to create goals that will enhance a student’s academic success? Incorporate SMART goals!  The act of creating SMART goals not only gets you closer to your goals but it also enhances your ability to overcome challenges that you encounter. SMART goals build resiliency, self-confidence and self- belief. Additional benefits of SMART goal setting includes improved executive function skills such as organization, prioritization, initiation and responsibility! There are so many benefits to incorporating SMART goals into your student’s daily regimen.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, action plan, realistic & timely. Teaching students how to create SMART goals will give students the tools that they will need to be successful in school and beyond. Here are some tips to remember when you are creating your  SMART goals:

S: Specific

  • What exactly do you want to accomplish with this goal? Remember good goals are clear and easily definable.

M: Measurable 

  • How will you know when you meet your goal? You must be able to measure your progress toward your goals so you know when you have reached it. Good goals are measurable, this lets you know when you have reached your goal.

A: Action Plan

  • Create an action plan to meet your goal! This action plan tells you where you are going.

R: Realistic

  • Is your goal realistic? Make sure goal is not too hard and not too easy to achieve.

T: Timely: 

  • What is your deadline you set to meet your goal? Set a goal date when you want to achieve your goal.

Work together with your child to create SMART goals.  Once you have created your SMART goals post them so you can see them on a daily basis. Good luck and let us know how you are making out with your SMART goal planning!

Goal setting is an integral part of our study skills program. Contact our team to learn more, 215-657-1981.

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