Reduce Stress for Students with Our 4 Tips

Are your kids more stressed than ever these days? I can’t blame them. There is so much inconsistency occurring within our schools: an uptick in covid cases, quarantine time, transitions from in-person to online, teacher shortages. No wonder why we are seeing more stressed out kids these days. This is not ok! We need to do as much as we can to support our students. 

We have put together tips that can be implemented in your homes to support your overly stressed children. Our hope is that our helpful tips will help minimize the stress that our kids are feeling and increase their motivation, productivity and overall joy. 


Stress Reducing Tips for Students: 


Maintain a Realistic Schedule:

Creating and maintaining a routine schedule may seem simple. Research shows that having a structured schedule is correlated with an increase in academic and social success. As much as you can, try to  maintain a schedule that works for your child. This routine will give them comfort and stability which allows them to have a sense of ease in their world. 


Exercise Daily: 

We all know exercise has positive effects on our body, but did you know that it also has a positive impact on your brain? Exercise is the best defense against emotional and mental stress and studies have shown that it has boosted performance in academics. It also improves alertness, attention and motivation. It is a natural way to ward off any negative effects of stress. Daily movement is highly recommended. Whether exercise is done through organized sports, daily walks, yoga or having a catch outdoors, be sure to incorporate daily exercise in your child’s life.


Encourage a Growth Mindset:

According to Dr. Dweck from Stanford University, a growth mindset occurs when we believe our intelligence and abilities can be improved with effort and the right strategies.  One with a growth mindset has a willingness to confront challenges, has a passion for learning and sees failure as an opportunity for growth. Creating a growth mindset culture in our homes will allow our children to be more resilient, positive and be able to handle setbacks more effectively. Fostering a growth mindset in the home should be something that is promoted as a family and done on a daily basis.


Model Effective Stress Management Techniques at Home:  

Children model parent’s behavior. As parents, we need to practice healthy stress management techniques. Parents who handle stress in a negative way, risk passing those behaviors onto their children.  Utilize healthy stress coping strategies such as exercise, meditation, eating well and creating a healthy environment at home. Fostering healthy stress management habits at home will create happier homes and positive habits. 


In the world of education, many students are stressed. Our goal is to lessen the burden they may be experiencing. Minimizing your child’s stress will increase productivity, alertness and motivation. The above tips are ways to support your child during stressful times. 

Do you have effective ways for children to cope with stress? Share your ideas with us. 


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