Preparing Your Home for Tutoring

Tutoring at home, whether online or in-person, has proven to be one of the most effective learning environments for a student. Students are more comfortable when learning at home and they are often more engaged during their tutoring sessions.  Students that are tutored in their home environment experience an increase in self confidence and have higher levels of motivation. A level of preparation, however, is required prior to the sessions occurring in order to maximize the effectiveness of each tutoring session. 

These tips take only a few minutes of preparation, but have a lasting impact on the overall tutoring experience.  

Prepare for tutoring at home with our tips for academic success!

  1. Choosing the Learning Space: Designate a place in the home that is quiet, well-lit and clear from clutter and distractions. 
  2. Gather Your Supplies: Ensure that you have all of your supplies ready for every tutoring session. Keep a stock of writing supplies, books, learning materials and technology in your learning space. 
  3. Set Up Technology: If you are receiving online tutoring, ensure that your computer is charged and ready for every session. Conduct an audio and video check a few minutes before every session starts. If you need to share virtual materials with your tutor, be sure to have all the materials uploaded and saved in your computer for easy access.
  4. Create a Consistent Schedule: Establishing a consistent schedule for you and your tutor is beneficial for several reasons. It creates consistency and establishes a positive routine and rapport between you and your tutor. This consistency leads to positive academic outcomes. 

Preparing your home prior to your child’s tutoring session fosters a positive and engaging learning environment for your child. This supports your child’s personal and academic growth and continued development. Be mindful of what works for your child and be flexible to adapt and change things along the way to suit your child’s needs.  Remember that learning is a process and a journey that takes time and flexibility. 


Happy Learning! 

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