Online Tutoring is Here to Stay and Here is Why!

We have been doing online tutoring long before COVID-19! Our tutoring programs have always been primarily in-person with a small percentage of our tutors doing some online tutoring. As COVID-19 surged we transitioned to 100% online tutoring. Online tutoring was the solution to ensure that our student’s academic needs were not negatively impacted by the school closures. There were changes after changes throughout the past several years,  but one thing that remained constant was tutoring continued to be the lifeline for so many students. We are  grateful that we have been able to support so many students during this global pandemic.

As schools are now fully back  in-person, the online tutoring model will be a service to stay amidst all the changes. We too have transitioned back to in-person but we will continue to offer our online tutoring model today and in the future.

Read why online tutoring is here to stay! 

Online tutoring is Convenient:

Online tutoring creates a convenience and comfort for students. It allows students to work in the comfort of their own home and feel empowered to learn where they are most comfortable. 

Online tutoring creates Accessibility to Resources:

Online tutoring allows for ease of resource sharing. It facilitates access to a wealth of resources and tutors and students can easily access and share information during the sessions. 

Online Tutoring is Flexible:

Online tutoring allows for more flexibility with schedules for both tutors and students. Schedules are more flexible as there is no traveling time which means more time for tutoring around the student’s busy schedule.

Online Tutoring creates a Learning Tool:

During an online session you can record the lesson so it can be used as a learning tool. This is especially useful for students who benefit from repetition and practice. All sessions being recorded should be approved by the parent prior to recording. 

Online tutoring is a school asset: 

Online tutoring has proven to be an effective resource to schools.  Many schools are suffering staff shortages and online tutoring services during the school day fills this gap. Students receive high quality tutoring services and they get the support they need, it’s a win win for schools and students! 

Online tutoring is highly effective, provides flexibility for families and tutors and it creates a high level accessibility to both students and schools. Have you experienced the benefits of online tutoring? 

Team Tutor is here to support your child through our online tutoring programs.

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