How Will Your Teen Stay Engaged & Learning This Summer?

Apr 29, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Activities, Summer Slide Prevention, Summer Tutoring

Keeping teens engaged and learning during the summer is a challenging task for many parents. It is important to provide learning opportunities for teens during this time, this not only helps them prevent summer learning loss but also can gives them an advantage when starting back to school in the fall and helps them develop life long skills.

Here are some ideas that can  keep your teen engaged and learning all summer long:

Summer Learning Programs:

Enroll your teen into a summer learning program that focuses on teens and post high school opportunities such as college/university programs, vocational and trade programs.

Goal Setting:

Encourage your teen to set his or her goals for the summer and upcoming school year.  Give them the tools they need to break down some of their bigger goals into smaller more achievable goals.  Goal setting gives students the tools they will need in high school, college and beyond!

College Selection Process:

Begin the college selection process with your child. Have them do research on colleges and universities. Help them find information on about 10 colleges that they may want to attend. Have them sort them based on a few criteria:  interest of majors, sports/activities, location, size & cost.

Give Back to the Community:

Help your teen do a service project or volunteer in their community. Volunteering teaches them valuable life and job skill training such as collaboration, communication and planning. This is also an excellent way for your child to practice values of empathy, compassion and helping others.

Active Lifestyle:

Promote a healthy active lifestyle this summer by encouraging your teen to join a sports camp or to simply exercise. Staying active in the summer is key to an overall healthy lifestyle.  Exercise & being active has been linked to better academic performance.

Summer Job: 

A summer job is an overall excellent experience for your teen. They will learn important life long lessons. From filling out a job application to interviewing, your teen will be challenged and develop some important skills such as problem solving, developing communication skills & establishing vital networking skills.

Schedule Down Time:

Down time should be part of your child’s summer plans. We all need down time and so do teenagers. Down time can spur creativity and stimulate your teen’s imagination, all very important skills for our children. So be sure to have some down time built into your teen’s summer plans!

As you and your teen work on a summer plan, be sure to listen to what they want to do.  Their opinions are very important. Work together to create a stimulating, engaging and exciting summer.

How will your teen stay engaged and learning throughout the summer? Share your ideas with us! 

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