How Will You Keep Your Child Engaged This Summer?

May 11, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | On-line Learning, summer camp, Summer Slide Prevention, Summer Tutoring, Tutoring

The official start of summer is just a few weeks away. As our world slowly reopens,  we need to be prepared for the realization that many of our local summer camps may remain closed this summer. How will you keep your child engaged and learning all summer long? How will you prepare your child for the next school year and prevent them from regressing academically this summer?

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We have options for you! Whether your child needs summer tutoring, skill building or summer enrichment, we create summer programs to fit your child’s needs, strengths and interests. Which program best suites your child’s personality and goals?

  • Summer Enrichment and Exploration:  Your child selects an academic area of interest. Our tutors will create a personalized curriculum focusing on this area of interest. Summer learning will be engaging and full of new discovery. For example, if your child loves all things basketball. We will create a personalized curriculum that focuses on basketball but integrates writing, reading and other core subjects. They will explore and dig deep in the subject of basketball while integrating researching skills, technology and much more. Your child will become an expert in basketball, improving their academic skills, building confidence & motivation all summer long. 
  • Summer Slide Prevention: Our summer slide prevention program builds confidence and strengthens skills. Our tutors will develop an individualized program that bridges the current grade and the upcoming year’s skills. Our summer slide prevention program is critically important this summer. As many students are experiencing gaps in their current learning, we will be sure to strengthen any gaps your child is experiencing and then prepare them with the material they will be learning next  year. Our summer slide prevention program increases confidence, skills and enhances your child’s preparedness for next year! 
  • Summer Skill Building: Does your child need help with math fact fluency or increasing their vocabulary development? Our summer skill building program is geared to strengthen a specific academic skill with guided instruction, modeling and repeated practice. Our approach will help your child learn and master the skills needed for success. Our summer skill building is perfect for all students. We focus on skills that your child needs to strengthen and build from there! Your child will be confident and ready to begin school in September! 

All of our summer programs are available for summer 2020 online. Our live, 1-on-1 summer programs are engaging, and interactive. You can create a schedule that best fits your needs, whether its a set block of time to keep them engaged while you are working or setting a flexible schedule week to week to meet your family’s busy schedule. Our tutors can work with you to create a schedule that best fits your needs.

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