Success Tips for Student Athletes

Feb 23, 2021 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Study Skills, Study Tips, Tutoring

Are you a student athlete struggling to keep up with the demands of school work? You are not alone, the struggle is real! Student athletes need to balance and prioritize school and sport demands  in order to achieve school success. Student athletes are juggling games, practices, training, homework, family and social life, all of which can create high levels of stress and anxiety. 

Keeping up with your school demands can be difficult for many student athletes. Here are some tips on how to help student athletes not only maintain their academic responsibilities  but excel in school. 


Time management is key!

Having a good sense of how to manage your time is going to be one of the most important elements to reaching school success. First you want to be sure you have a planner or calendar handy at all times. Write down all your assignments, tests, projects along with your sport’s schedule. This is important. Knowing your schedule gives you an understanding of what realistic time you have to dedicate to your school work. Jot down all your assignments and include your ideal “start” time for each assignment. Try to stick to the time parameters in the beginning, this will help you create a foundation for solid habit. 


Ditch Your Phone: 

I know this one may be tough, but follow me here. When you sit down to do your work, keep your phone away from you. You would be surprised how much the phone can be a distraction. If this one is hard for you, wean into this one. Start with having your phone away from you for about 15 minutes, then increase the time every day. Your homework time will become more focused and you will get more work done in quicker time. 


Organize your workspace: 

Staying organized may be challenging for many students. Nonetheless, try to keep the space where you are working really organized. Organization fosters focus, and minimizes distractions. Keep your workspace equipped with only the essentials that you need to complete your work. 


Schedule Downtime: 


This may sound silly but this tip will aid in managing your overall stress, reset your mind and increase your focus. Be sure to schedule downtime in your day even if it’s for 15 minutes daily!  


Student athletes have to balance the demands of school and sport on a daily basis. Being able to balance both can be challenging at times but it’s definitely doable. Putting effort and focusing on these strategies will give you the tools you will need to maintain and accelerate in your academics. These tips not only will help you manage your school work but also provide you with a great foundation for academic success now and beyond! 


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