A Parent’s Blog: Tips on Working from Home and Homeschooling

Mar 25, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | On-line Learning, Parent Blogs, Parent Stories

Working from home and homeschooling our children have become our new reality over the past few weeks, and I imagine we have quite a few weeks until this changes. As parents, we need to balance our work and our children’s educational needs. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the proud mom of 3 amazing girls and the owner of Team Tutor, a tutoring firm based in the Philadelphia area. Juggling parenthood and business ownership has been my reality for 16 years but this current reality brings it to a whole new level. As our reality continues to change, we need to as well. Here are some tips that have helped me balance the needs of my work, and my children’s homeschooling needs.

Rise & Shine:

I wake up early every morning. I wake up about 2 hours prior to my kids waking up. I am able to get my workout in (which I do 6 days a week) and begin my work before they are up. This allows me time to do what is important for me and get a jump start on my work as well. By the time the kids get up I am able to have a few “bigger” projects started. As a mom too, this is when I do my dinner prep (that’s a whole different blog!).

Evening Planning: 

Every night I plan for the next day. This allows me to plan and prioritize all things for work. Knowing what is needed the night before determines what time I wake up too. This planning and prioritizing  keeps me focused and organized which reduces stress and fosters creativity as well.

Create A Schedule:

I create a schedule that meets with my work demands as well as with my children’s needs. I am able to create time where I switch over and help them with their work or provide them with some instructional time that they require. I share this schedule with them as well so they know when “our scheduled” work times are set.

Designate School & Work Spaces:

In our home I have an office space which is separate from our living space so there is a clear understanding of “mom’s work space.” However, this is not the reality of many, so I suggest, creating a work area that is not in the same area that the kids are working. You want to create a separate space so you can focus and your children can focus on what they are doing. If possible I would suggest the spaces be walking distance apart, the act of walking to and from will give everyone a little movement. Having work spaces in 2 different areas also minimizes the interruptions for both you and your children.

Be Flexible:

Having a flexible or growth mindset is probably the MOST important tip I can offer. Having plans in place is super helpful but even the best laid out plans don’t work out. However, having a flexible mindset is going to allow you to pivot when it’s needed and balance what is being thrown your way. Your flexible or growth mindset fosters resiliency and strength and this is one of the best lessons you can teach your children!

These tips have helped me over the years but more importantly over the past few weeks. I have learned that slowing down is ok and being present is vital to our overall health and well being. Balancing the challenges of working from home and homeschooling is difficult for all of us. I take one day at a time and stay as present as I can. My goal is to serve my clients and staff the best that I can while most importantly being able to support, motivate and provide for my children’s academic and overall needs.  Hang in there, these are challenging times, however, we are in this together & supporting each other will help our community grow and flourish.


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