5 Ways to Keep Your Child Reading All Summer Long

Jul 24, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Reading

Reading during the summer is essential but not always that easy to fit it in. Summer days are filled with many activities and lots of travel. On top of busy schedules, motivation for keeping up with reading becomes a struggle for many students. How do you foster reading during the summer when schedules are overpacked and motivation is low? Here are 5 ways to keep your child reading all summer long when it seems impossible to keep your kids motivated.


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1. Frequent Library Visits:

Go to the library frequently. Set weekly dates to visit the library with your child. This consistency will help keep your child motivated!

2. Incorporate Audiobooks:

Listening to audio books while in the car is a great way to encourage reading. There are many benefits to audiobooks and its a great way to include the whole family in your reading adventures.

3. Create a Family Reading Challenge: 

Setting a family reading challenge can help your child maintain the reading focus all summer long. Establish an incentive that your child is really interested in attaining. This challenge not only fosters reading but also creates a fun educational family activity! 

4. Reading For Purpose: 

Not all children find “joy” in reading so sometimes giving them a reason to read is needed. Encourage them to read a book about the city you are going to visit this summer. For example, you are going to travel to Florida this summer, have them read a book about Florida and have them pick out 5 new facts that they learned. This activity allows them to develop an immediate connection to what they read. 

5. Movie & Book Connection: 

There are many books that have been made into movies. Read a book together with your child and watch the movie together. Discuss which version (book or movie) that you liked best. This is great way to foster reading and spend time together. 

Reading all summer long is essential but not always easy. Use these 5 tips to keep your children engaged and reading all summer long! Happy Reading!


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