What’s Slime Have To Do With Studying?

Mar 15, 2017 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Academic Subjects, Homework, Study Skills, Study Tips

The latest trend is slime. I am sure you have seen kids making slime, playing with slime or you tubing videos on how to make slime. If you haven’t heard about the recent fascination with slime then just ask any child, “do you know how to make slime?” and I am sure you will get a detailed report on their slime recipe.

Most recently I was working with one of my daughters. She is a 7th grader who LOVES to make slime and play with slime. I think she has watched over 100 videos on different ways to create slime.  Her enthusiasm for slime is intense, I only wish it was the same for studying. As we were getting ready to study for her science test, I asked her to bring the slime too. She looked at me as if I had gone mad, and asked, “why?”, I told her, “you’ll see……. ”

As my daughter began studying, I didn’t say much except for “get out your slime while you review your chapter.”

And what I witnessed right in front of my eyes was AMAZING!!

Bianca studying with slime.

As she studied, I noticed…..

She was more focused on her reading material.

She asked questions more readily than normal.

She shared facts about the material she was studying.

She was more engaged in her material and asked her twin sister questions so she can help her study too.

She found the study process much more enjoyable. (She told me this!)

So what does slime have to do with studying?  In our experience, slime can be a relaxing tool. My daughter’s physical demeanor relaxed and because of it was less tense while studying. This caused her to be more focused and engaged. This peaked her interest for 40 minutes, she was more inclined to ask questions, spark a conversation and share her new facts with me and her sister.

My daughter may not fall in love with studying but we will make sure slime is part of our studying process. So if you don’t know what else to do with the slime in your home, use it as a study aid or bring it out while they do homework.

Let me know what happens when your slime is part of your study time. ……… Happy Learning!



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