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Summer camp tutoring is convenient and flexible. Tutoring is scheduled at your summer camp location based on your child’s camp schedule.

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Summer tutoring & enrichment programs are designed to based on your academic goals and needs. Our tutoring programs are structured to reinforce skills, build confidence and instill motivation.

Summer Camp Tutoring Success

Summer camp tutoring is personalized and designed with your child’s needs in mind. Your child will strengthen their academic skills while having fun at summer camp!

Summer camp directors can now offer parents the option of summer tutoring during camp!

Team Tutor offers summer tutoring and enrichment programs at local camps in the Philadelphia area. Our director will schedule the tutoring schedules for all children around the current summer camp schedule. Each camp site will work with the same tutors throughout the summer. Each child will be assigned the same tutor to ensure consistency and so that our tutors can build a rapport with the students. Tutoring and enrichment programs are designed uniquely for each child and their learning needs. Your child will have a well rounded summer camp experience with Team Tutor’s summer tutoring and enrichment academic programs!

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