Science Resources For Kids

Sep 29, 2014 by Miguel Azcona | Learning Resources, Science

Do you have a child who has an interest in science? There are many online resources available to encourage learning science at home.  Here are some sites that can help your child increase the love of science.
Science Kids is a very extensive website that can not only help your child learn more, but it also encourages them to learn more. This site has many different things for the students to do; they can: experiment, play games, read facts, take quizzes, make projects, complete lessons, look at images, watch videos, and explore different topics.
This site is user friendly, and allows students to do multiple things. From choosing between many games, to taking quizzes, the students get a wide range of free lessons from this site. This interactive site will keep your child engaged and increase their interest in science.
Zoom: Kitchen Chemistry is a great website from PBS Kids that allows the students to enter a virtual kitchen and perform multiple experiments. While solving experiments, the site also allows the student solve a puzzle, and eventually get a reward.

Fostering science at home has become easier with the many resources that are available on line. Promoting science education can become a fun and interactive family affair!  Do you have any science resources to share?

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