Homework Time or Stress Time?

Sep 10, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Homework, Study Skills

The kids are back in school and homework is now a regular after school activity. How is your family handling homework time? Have your many organizational efforts fallen apart? Are you stressed out already? If you have answered YES to the last 2 questions then read on!

Here are some EASY ways to reclaim a stress-free homework time:

1. Establish Homework Time and Use A Timer:

Set a designated homework schedule each day. Keep your child’s daily after school activities in mind when creating this homework schedule. Implement the use of a timer during homework time. Set the timer to allow for breaks and to establish end time. This will keep your child more focused if they know a certain time frame has been set. 

2. Create a Homework Zone: 

Establish a homework zone in your home that is the primary location for homework. Be sure this zone has extra homework supplies, is well organized and well lit. Distractions should be at a minimum. This homework zone should be a place that fosters productivity & inspires learning!  

3. Be Available & Monitor: 

Many times students get frustrated during homework time. Let them know that you are available for them when needed. You want to primarily foster independence but giving them the support when needed will minimize any stress they may encounter. 

4. Focus on the Harder Subject First: 

Ask your child to organize their homework in order of hardest to easiest. Tackling the harder assignments first is best especially since focus is at its peak during the onset of homework time. Working through the harder assignments first also minimizes stress and fatigue.

I hope these tips will help make homework time more productive and less stressful. If you need more support during homework time give us a call and we can discuss enlisting a homework help tutor.

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