Your Back To School Success Plan!

Aug 25, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Back To School, Online Tutoring, Organization

Back to school time is upon us! What comes to mind when you think of “back to school?” I think of new teachers, new classmates, new expectations and new adventures.

Traditional back to school time would bring excitement, a little worry and hope, however, this school is different. In fact, worry is at the forefront of many parents this year. Our hope is to help you create a school year that minimizes the worry and fosters a positive and exciting year of learning for your children.

As parents, we have the ability to set the tone in our homes for a successful school year. As we encounter obstacles throughout the school year that will shake our focus; establishing strategies from the beginning will help our children remain focused and lead them toward a positive and successful school year!

Here are 5 strategies to help you create a successful back to school plan:

#1 Set Goals & Expectations:

Work together with your child to develop goals and expectations for this school year. Make sure the goals created are simple, clear and realistic for your child. Once your goals are set, post them in an area so they are visible and a constant reminder for your child. After a few weeks, reassess the goals that were set. Do they work for your child? Are they too easy or too difficult? Be ready to adjust them or add to them. This will keep your child focused and closer to their goals!

 #2 Create a Productive School Zone:

A productive school zone will create school success. Be sure to select a school zone that is organized, well lit and quiet. An area that is away from high traffic and distractions will keep your child focused while during homework. Consider keeping an abundance of school supplies available in this area. Maintaining a school zone filled with school supplies will reduce the stress of the last minute search of school supplies.

 #3 Develop Organizational Systems:

Establishing organizational systems is the key to success and to minimize chaos.  There are many ways to staying organized. Use a calendar system, filing system, white boards, launch center and weekly clean sweep sessions. The key to organization is repeated practice and consistency.

 #4 Create School Routine: 

Establish school routine for your child. Give them breaks during the school day doing something that they enjoy. Be sure to include a nutritious snack so they will have the energy to focus on their online classes and school work.

  #5 Foster a Positive Learning Environment: 

Be positive with your child. Praise their efforts.  Teach them accountability and independence. This positive learning environment helps build self-confidence and motivation.

Transitioning back to school can be exciting and stressful, especially this school year. Be sure to implement the strategies that work best for you and your family. Keeping the communication open with your child’s teacher and being flexible will also help in creating a successful school year! 

Do you need help developing a back to school plan that is personalized to fit your family needs? Contact us today to speak with one of our educational specialists.

Happy Learning and we wish you all a successful back to school experience! 

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