Prevent Learning Loss This Summer With Creative Writing

Jul 5, 2016 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Creative Writing, Summer Slide Prevention

There are so many ways to prevent summer learning loss this summer. A fun and creative way to reduce the risk of summer learning loss is through creative writing. Creative writing skills not only promotes writing and reading skills but also promotes critical thinking and will ignite your child’s imagination! Here are simple and creative writing prompts that can get you through the entire summer! All you need is a journal or computer and then your child is set to write all summer long!

Write a poem about walking on the Moon. (How would it feel to move around in a gravity-free world?)

Write a poem describing one of your parents. (Use descriptive words in your poem.)

Write a poem in the form of a letter to your future child. (What do you want him to know about you? What kind of person do you hope this child will turn out to be?)

Write two paragraphs contrasting your favorite music band or singer with your least favorite music band or singer. 

Write a “commercial” about your favorite product. 

Finish this prompt: I was walking in the woods when all of a sudden out of the dark appeared a….

Write a story about where you would like to go on vacation. Imagine that money is not an issue. Write about why you would like to go there.

Write a silly story about your pet’s adventure while home alone. 

Write a short story that ends with the sentence, As she approached the top of the mountain, she raised her hands in excitement. 

Will you incorporate creative writing in your child’s summer plans? Do you have any other ideas on writing ideas? Please share them with us!

Happy Writing All Summer Long!!! 

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