Tips on Improving Your Creative Writing Skills

Feb 5, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Creative Writing, Writing

Creative writing refers to writing something interesting or “outside the box”. Creative writing requires the writer to use their imagination, integrate their emotions, experiences, feelings, opinions in their writing in order to captivate and intrigue the reader.

Here are some tips on how to help your child kickstart their creative writing skills!

Work that Writing Muscle: Many times just finding the right idea is a struggle! Here are some ideas to get those creative writing skills flowing:

“If I won a million dollars I would…”

“If I were a substitute teacher for the day I would…” You can change this phrase anyway you want. “If I were….. I would…..

Write a script for a TV commercial advertising a new product that, according to you, the world simply can’t do without.

Journal: Keep a writing journal handy. You never know when you will have an idea for a story. You can also jot ideas in this book that may inspire you later when you are writing.

Practice Writing Daily: Be sure to carve out some time a bit each day to writing. Even if you are just brainstorming words for an idea. Good writers put in time each day!

Have Fun! Be sure to have fun with writing. If your story is NOT feeling the way you want it to go, try writing a poem or a song. Keep it simple and fun!

The goal is to make writing enjoyable and to promote creativity for your child! If you find your child is “stressing” or it feels like a chore make sure to give them a break and have them come back to it when they are ready!

Do you have any creative writing tips that can help young writers?

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