5 Study Tips To Help Reduce Anxiety

May 11, 2016 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Study Tips

Does your child stress when it is time to take a test? Test taking can be very stressful for students. All students face some form of tests throughout their academic career. Having the tools to minimize test taking anxiety is extremely beneficial for ALL students. What is the best way for students to minimize test taking stress? There is NOT a one size fits all solution!  There are many unique strategies that students can try! Here are 5 tips to help reduce test taking anxiety.

1. Study in the RIGHT Location:
Select a study zone that works best for your learning style. The library may be a great option for you or your dining room table may work just fine. A quiet and organized location is key! Make certain that there are minimal distractions in your study location. If you find it difficult to find such a place, sit so your back is facing the distractions and put ear phones on with soft instrumental music. This will help increase your focus. Changing your location from time to time will also be a great way to reenergize you and keep you focused!

2.  Break Time Is Important:
Did you know taking breaks is important while studying? When studying for a long time it is important to schedule in some breaks. Taking breaks keep you focused and relaxed. These breaks can be short in length but they will give you the energy and focus you will need to go back and study for another chunk of time.

3. Work in a Study Group:
This option doesn’t work for all students, however, this should be strongly considered. Working in a study group promotes a challenging environment while fostering collaboration. Collaborating on the study material fosters discussions which gives students the opportunity to understand the information more concretely. This is also a great option when students are unclear about concepts; they can debate and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

4. Create Note Cards:
Using note cards to study information is very effective. The repetitive nature of studying the material will help with recalling and mastering the facts. This strategy will help you on test day when you need to recall the information.

5. Manage Your Study Time:
Cramming causes stress and decreases your retention skills. It is important to manage your study time appropriately. If you have been given your test material ahead of time, try to study about a month in advance. Set study times a little each day for your test. This will allow you to study with ample time and will increase your chances of feeling 100% prepared for your test. Be sure you DO NOT cram for your test.

Tests are inevitable for students.  However, incorporating effective study methods will help reduce your test taking anxiety. Use our tips to help reduce test taking anxiety!

Do you have study tips or tricks that have helped you or a student? Share your tips with us!

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