4 Tips To Creating an Effective Homework Zone

Aug 24, 2016 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Back To School, Homework

Summer has flown by and it is that time to start shifting our focus on back to school!  This is a great time to designate a spot in your home where your child will have a place to do his homework. We have put together 4 tips to help you set up an effective homework zone that will help your child have a successful school year!

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Select the Homework Zone Together! Ask your child to take part in selecting the right homework area. Be sure it is a quiet, well lit & a clutter free area. You want to make sure this spot in your home is NOT in a high traffic area. Minimal distraction would be best for your child.

Gather Your Supplies: Use a portable box or plastic bin that will host all school supplies: pencils, crayons, markers, calculators and other school supplies needed. You want to be sure that this supply box is only used during homework time. This ensures that these supplies will always be on hand when it is homework time and minimizes wasted efforts searching for them. If you have several children be sure each child has their own supply box. Also, be sure you restock your supplies on a monthly basis so have ample supplies during homework time.

Utilize a Bulletin Board:  Set up a bulletin board near your homework zone that will host your child’s weekly or monthly school calendar. This calendar should have his homework/project due dates as well as fun events coming up in their school. You can also post some reminders for your child on the bulletin board such as: check your work or is your homework done to your best ability? This gives your child a sense of independence and ownership for his work.

Set Up a Parent “Inbox”: You will want to have either a wall folder or a file box that will serve as “your inbox”. This is a place where your child will put all his tests or papers that you will have to review and or sign. This is great way for your child to be responsible for giving you his paperwork in a way that will not overwhelm you.

Once you have created your homework zone, be sure to adjust what is needed in the homework zone to fit your child’s needs. Setting a homework zone in your home creates a positive learning environment for school success.

Happy Learning!


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