Parents Can Reduce Back To School Stress with Our 7 Tips!

Aug 8, 2018 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Back To School


Heading back to school is often stressful for students and parents alike. But it doesn’t have to be stressful!  Staying organized and planning ahead is the key to a successful school year. Here are 7 organizational and planning tips that will get you started off on the right path! 

Here are 7 tips that will help you begin the school year off in the right direction…

3 Weeks Before School Begins

Stock up on School Supplies: This is a great time to school shop! Stock up and purchase more than required so you can have them during the school year as needed. Get our other shopping tips.

2 Weeks Before School Begins

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Create The Homework Zone: Create a space in your home that your children can do their homework. In this space, be sure to have all the required materials needed for homework time. Organize the materials in a way that fits your child’s learning style and make sure you have ample materials to get you through the next few months.

Identify Your Goals: Sit with your children and establish goals for a successful school year. Each goal should differ for each child. Taking the time to do this one-on-one with each child is highly recommended. This allows you to focus on each child’s individual needs and this a great time to hear your child’s perspective on what they want to focus on this school year. Be sure to write these goals on a board so your child can see it daily!

1 Week Before School Begins

Implement the Bed Time Routine: Start implementing the bedtime routine. A week allows your child to get acclimated to the bed time routine. Getting to bed early encourages good sleeping habits and promotes a positive attitude towards school.

Establish a Weekly Family Meeting: Set one day in your week to go over the weekly schedules and expectations. This is a great time to grab the family calendar and go over everyone’s schedules. If you have students in middle school and high school, this is a great time for them to update their personal planners and discuss their plans for the week. This weekly meeting will help instill good time management and organizational skills that will last a lifetime.

Designate Your Home & School Mail Location: Select a location in your home that is solely for school paperwork. Have your child place the paperwork that needs your attention in this area. Some great solutions include: pinning paperwork to a cork board, posting paperwork on a magnetic white board or refrigerator or simply placing the paperwork in a box.

1 Day Before School Begins

Prep for the BIG DAY: The night before school begins, be sure to have all your clothes and school items ready to go. You want to make sure the morning goes smoothly. Having all your clothing, snacks, lunches and book bag items ready will minimize the morning chaos and ensure a successful morning! 

Remember that organization and planning need to be reassessed over time. Make changes as you need to! I hope these tips will help create a smooth transition back to school. I hope this year is exciting, filled with new discovery and much success!

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